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Parish Mailout - Easter 2015

Dear Friends,

You may have received in the mail a communication from our Parish Council, including a covering letter and a tri-fold for your information.  Ministry in our area is our first priority, but it is also a basic reality that the support of professional ministry requires money.

Over the past number of years, contributions to our Parish through our local congregations has been gradually falling.  There is no one simple reason for this, and our local churches are not alone in this trend.  Nevertheless, we thought it important to keep people informed of the need.

Please be assured that we continue to be very grateful to all those who continue to support the ministry of our Parish financially and through the contribution of their time, talents and energy.

Below are links to online versions of the letter and trifold.  Have a read, and if you have any questions there are a variety of contact names and numbers included.

Again, ministry is our focus and vision, but we also must face the reality of how it is supported.

We pray God's blessing upon you as we all continue to seek God's will for our lives and Parish.

Covering Letter - Our Parish
Trifold - Our Parish

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